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Are you experiencing difficulties with your hearing or want a routine hearing check? At Resonate Hearing Centre, we provide comprehensive and professional hearing consultation services to help you better understand and address your hearing concerns.

Why choose Resonate Hearing Centre for your next hearing test?

Audiology Expertise

Dr Athalye has worked in NHS and private clinics over the years to gain specialisation in assessing and diagnosing various hearing conditions. We can evaluate your hearing abilities and identify any potential issues

Personalised Approach

We understand that each individual’s hearing needs and concerns are unique. We will take time to address your specific challenges and develop a tailored plan to suit your hearing goals.

Comprehensive Evaluations

Our evaluation includes a battery of tests to help with the diagnosis of your hearing ability and you will receive a copy your results.


Resonate Hearing Centre use the latest technology in the clinic. We stay up to date with advancements in audiology to deliver the highest standard of care to all.

Holistic Hearing Solutions

We go beyond hearing assessments if necessary to provide holistic solutions to address your hearing needs. Whether its recommending suitable hearing aids or offering communication strategies and assistive listening devices, we are committed to improving your overall hearing experience.

Conveniently Located in Harwell, Didcot

We are conveniently located in Harwell, Didcot, making it easy for residents of the local community and surrounding areas to access our hearing test services.

How much does a Hearing Tests cost?


for a 1 hour consultation

*reimbursed if hearing aids are purchased

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