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Styles of hearing aids we can provide

There are a few different styles of hearing aids. These are prescribed according to type and level of hearing loss, lifestyle, and individual preference. Most of the aids come in battery operated or rechargeable models or both. These are either ‘inside’ the ear type (custom-made) or ‘over’ the ear type.

Inside your ear/Custom made hearing aids usually come in three different styles depending upon where they sit inside your ear canal. They are usually suitable for mild to severe hearing losses.

CIC (Completely in the canal)- smallest, most discrete although may not be suitable for those with narrow/small ear canals

ITC (In the canal)- still discrete, slightly bigger than CIC with a small part facing out into the ear

ITE(In the ear)- occupies the outer portion of the ear

Over-the-ear type hearing aids include RITE/RIC and BTE styles

Receiver in the ear (RITE)/Receiver in Canal (RIC) is a sleek, small behind-ear instrument with a small receiver in the ear canal. These aids are versatile and suit most individuals with mild to severe losses.

Behind the ear (BTE) is a slightly larger instrument and is suitable for severe to profound losses.

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