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If you’re looking for high-quality hearing aids that enhance your listening experience and improve your overall quality of life, you’ve come to the right place. At Resonate Hearing Centre, we offer a wide range of the latest hearing aids tailored to meet your unique needs. We discuss hearing aid options in your consultation appointment. There is no obligation to get them, but if you do go ahead they come with an after-care package so we make sure you are looked after once you get them.

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Why choose Resonate Hearing Centre for Hearing Aids?

Expertise and Guidance

Dr Athalye’s expertise in audiology lends itself well to her being able to offer exceptional support in your hearing care journey. By offering a range of technologies, Dr Athalye is able to find the solution just right for you.

Wide Selection of Hearing Aids

As an independent provider of hearing care we are able to offer a wide range of latest hearing aids of different styles and technology levels from leading manufacturers.

Customised Fittings and Adjustments

We offer individualised hearing aid fittings to ensure comfort and functionality. We also provide ongoing adjustments and fine-tuning as your hearing needs evolve.

Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Resonate Hearing Centre stays at the forefront of hearing aid technology. We aim to provide you with the latest advancements that enhance speech understanding, reduce background noise as well as offer seamless connectivity to your favourite devices like phone and TV.

Comprehensive Aftercare and Support

We believe in building long term relationships with our clients. Our comprehensive after care service includes regular cleaning and maintenance of aids as well as adjustments. We are here to address any concerns or questions throughout your hearing aid journey.

Returns Policy

We have a 60 days return policy so you can be stress-free and try the hearing aids you have purchased.

Conveniently Located in Harwell, Didcot

We are conveniently located in Harwell, Didcot, making it easy for residents of the local community and surrounding areas to access our centre for best-in-class hearing aid support.

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Don’t let hearing loss hold you back from enjoying life’s precious moments. Take the first step towards improved hearing by exploring our range of high-quality hearing aids at Resonate Hearing Centre.

To schedule a consultation or learn more about our hearing aids in Harwell, Didcot, please contact us at 01235 838515 or Experience the Resonate Hearing Centre difference and regain the sounds of life today!

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