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At Resonate Hearing Centre, our goal is to provide top-quality hearing care services to the residents of Goring and its surroundings. We offer unbiased advice and a comprehensive range of ear care services. Our clinic proudly offers a selection of leading hearing aid brands, ensuring personalised solutions tailored to your needs.

At Resonate Hearing Centre, you will be seen by founder and director Dr Sheetal Athalye who brings a wealth of knowledge in the field of hearing healthcare. As a doctor of Audiology, her experience comes from working with adults with hearing loss for over 17 years in NHS, academia and private sector. As an independent provider of hearing care we are able to offer unbiased advice and ear care services. We provide a selection of world leading hearing aid brands to choose from. With advanced diagnostic tools and expertise, we develop tailored treatment plans. We offer holistic care and exceptional service.

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Why Resonate Hearing Centre?

Expertise & Experience

With extensive experience in audiology and hearing care, we will deliver thorough hearing assessments and expert guidance personalised to your unique requirements.

Comprehensive Hearing Services

Our services extend beyond wax removal to include comprehensive hearing tests, tinnitus management, and advanced hearing aid fittings. Whatever your hearing needs, we’re equipped to address them.

Personalised Approach

Recognising the individuality of each patient, we take a personalised approach to assess your hearing health and recommend suitable solutions, whether it’s a hearing aid fitting or ongoing support.

Quality Hearing Aids

Offering a range of high-quality hearing aids from leading manufacturers, we ensure you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and budget, with attentive guidance throughout the selection process.

Convenient Location

Situated near Goring in the town of Didcot, our clinic offers easy accessibility for residents and neighbouring areas.

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