Ear Wax Removal in Wallingford

Discover exceptional and comfortable ear wax removal services conveniently located near Wallingford.

Resonate Hearing Centre - your local ear wax removal specialists near Wallingford

At Resonate Hearing Centre, our mission is to provide comfortable and excellent ear wax removal services to the residents of Wallingford and its surrounding areas.

At Resonate Hearing Centre, you will be seen by founder and director Dr. Sheetal Athalye, who brings a wealth of knowledge in the field of hearing healthcare. As a Doctor of Audiology, her experience spans over 17 years working with adults with hearing loss in the NHS, academia, and the private sector. As an independent provider of hearing care, we are able to offer unbiased advice and ear care services. We provide a selection of world-leading hearing aid brands to choose from. With advanced diagnostic tools and expertise, we develop tailored treatment plans and offer holistic care and exceptional service.

Why Choose Resonate Hearing Centre for Ear Wax Removal?

Expertise & Experience

With years of experience in audiology and ear care, we are well-equipped to handle wax removal procedures with precision and care. We ensure a safe and effective wax removal experience.

Personalised Approach

We will remove wax after assessing the most suitable method for you depending on your ear and health history and wax build-up.

Gentle & Safe Procedures

Your comfort and safety are our top priorities. Our wax removal procedures are gentle to minimise any discomfort. We follow best practices to ensure a safe and hygienic process.

Comprehensive Ear Care

At Resonate Hearing Centre, we don’t just stop at wax removal. We provide comprehensive ear care services to address any underlying issues that may affect your hearing. We can offer advice, recommend, and fit hearing solutions if necessary.

Convenient Location

Located just a short distance from Wallingford in the town of Didcot, our clinic offers easy accessibility for Wallingford residents and neighboring areas, providing convenient access to superior ear wax removal services.

How much does Ear Wax Removal cost?


Two ears


One ear


for ear examination and if no wax is found

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To book your appointment or learn more about our wax removal services near Wallingford, please contact us at 01235 838515 or info@resonatehearingcentre.co.uk. Experience the Resonate Hearing Centre difference and enjoy the benefits of clear and unobstructed hearing once again! Same-day appointments may be available—walk in or give us a call to find out.

Local home visit appointments may be available—please contact us for more information.

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